Report: ‘The View’ let Elisabeth Hasselbeck find a new job, rather than dump her

07.09.13 4 years ago

Report: “The View” let Elisabeth Hasselbeck find a new job, rather than dump her

Us Weekly, which first reported Hasselbeck’s exit in March, reports that Hasselbeck got the “Fox & Friends” job after producers gave her time to seek new employment. A source says producers didn’t want to make the show look bad for axing her.

Once a TV fixture, the presidential Oval Office address has all but disappeared
Ronald Reagan interrupted primetime for 29 Oval Office addresses. That’s compared to a total of six for George W. Bush and two so far for President Obama — his last Oval Office address was three years ago.

Meredith Vieira’s talk show will have a band, and the set will be inspired by her home
Why try a daytime talk show? “The worse that can happen is it doesn’t work,” says Vieira. “I’m almost 60 years old and I’ve been in the business a long time. At this point, I’m willing to take the chance. I have nothing to lose this point. And possibly, it will succeed.”

George Lucas: “Star Wars” stood on the shoulders of “Star Trek”

In the new documentary “Trek Nation,” Lucas says, “‘Star Trek’ softened up the entertainment arena so that ‘Star Wars’ could come along and stand on its shoulders.”

Parents TV Council: Female teen characters are sexually exploited on TV
The conservative watchdog found that girls were often the targets of sexually exploitative jokes, moreso than women.

Jenna Elfman officially joins NBC’s “Growing Up Fisher”
Elfman replaces Parker Posey, who replaced Elfman after the pilot.

Coming soon: “The Walking Dead” female clothing line

AMC has licensed “Walking Dead”-branded apparel for females.

HBO opening sequences, ranked
Here are 29 opening credits, from worst to best.

Why Jenny McCarthy should not co-host “The View”

Should her “vaccines cause autism” stance be used against her?

Movies are flocking to advertise on “Under the Dome”
It’s unusual to see so many movies advertising on CBS on a Monday night. PLUS: “Dome” questions, answered.

PTSD sufferer: I watch “Law & Order” to treat my condition
“Watching episode after episode of ‘L&O’ helps me maintain an even keel,” explains Jennifer Levin. “I have seen every episode of every franchise at least a dozen times (except for the season of ‘Criminal Intent’ with Jeff Goldblum and Saffron Burrows. No.)”

Watch the trailer for Billie Jean King’s “American Masters”

The tennis great’s life story will air Sept. 10.

Discovery orders a Ridley Scott miniseries set in Scotland in 1200s

Scottish patriots William Wallace and Robert Bruce will be the focus of the miniseries, which is set amid King Edward I’s English invasion of Scotland.

“New Girl”: TV’s best-edited comedy

Is any other show better at cutting between scenes?

“Girls” guest-star calls Lena Dunham “a monster in the best way”

Melonie Diaz won’t, however, divulge details of her role.

Striking “Fashion Police” writers release a “Can We Talk?” video slamming Joan Rivers
The writers have been striking for three months now.

Guy Fieri promoting “Grown Ups 2”

With “Guy Fieri’s Grown Ups Chili.”

The Onion: Even “True Blood” characters can’t wait for each episode to end
“Christ, when is this sh*tty show going to be over?”

Wendy Williams: I thought Kerry Washington would marry a white man

“I thought she had a type,” says the daytime host, “and I thought it started out being white.”

Jeff Lewis: I was too “overproduced” on “Interior Therapy” Season 1

For Season 2, he says, Bravo “took the leash off.”

“Grey’s Anatomy’s” Jason George joins “Witches of East End”

He’ll stick with “Grey’s” while recurring on the Lifetime series.

21 “Seinfeld” scripts are up for auction

They include scripts from episodes between 1992 and 1998.

Watch the trailer for “Comedy Bang! Bang!” Season 2
A start-studded/absurd trailer.

Angie Harmon: I’m always the man in “Rizzoli & Isles” fan fiction
“I want to be sexy. I want to be the girl one time, or maybe twice,” she tells Conan.

“Married to Jonas” stars are having a baby
Kevin and Danielle are expecting their first child.

Brandi Glanville gets wasted, loses her clothes

Check out pics of the “Real Housewives” star stumbling around the streets of West Hollywood.

“Wild ‘N Out” returns
Check out how Nick Cannon revamped the MTV2 show.

“Drunk History” works as a TV show, but it’s still ideal for the web

The “funny in spurts” Comedy Central series feels like it’s best consumed on the Internet. PLUS: “Drunk” makes the successful jump to TV, and “Drunk” feels like an internet meme forwarded from your dad.

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