Report: Vince Vaughn looking at the second season of ‘True Detective’

08.05.14 3 years ago

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Just who is going to star in “True Detective” when the show returns for a second season? 

That question alone is, perhaps, a greater mystery than the one that took place during the HBO series' first season.  The latest rumor has Vince Vaughn very close to joining.

It was first reported yesterday, by Deadline, that while formal negotiations haven't begun, “Vince Vaughn is looking very good to join” the series' second season.  In fact, the story says that the series' creator, Nic Pizzolatto, wrote the part with Vaughn initially in mind.

For a time, Pizzolatto was set to work with the actor on a “Rockford Files” feature film, a project that Pizzolatto only left once “True Detective” became a hit and a second season was planned.  The speculation runs that the two formed a relationship on that project which led to Pizzolatto looking towards Vaughn for this one.

“True Detective” still appears to have four leads for the second season, which is set in California and potentially deals with the California transportation system.  Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch are in discussions for two of those four spots, with Vaughn for the third.  The fourth lead is apparently going to be a female actress.

How this all actually works out remains to be seen, but one has to concede that it is a riveting drama.

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