Report: Who’s testing to star as the new ‘Fantastic Four’?

01.22.14 4 years ago 3 Comments


The upcoming “Fantastic Four” reboot being directed by Josh Trank continues to move forward. A report from Variety says that not only has Simon Kinberg finished an updated script for the movie, but that actors are going to start testing for the roles by the end of the month.
One of the actors up for Reed Richards, Miles Teller, indicated during an interview at Sundance that he was definitely involved with the movie, although whether he is firmly attached or testing remains unclear. Other actors mentioned as contenders for the Reed Richards role include Kit Harrington and Richard Madden (both from “Game of Thrones”).
While the article does not indicate who might be testing for Ben Grimm, both Kate Mara and Saoirse Ronan are in the running for Sue Storm. At this moment, the name most associated with Johnny Storm is Michael B. Jordan. 
Teller and Jordan can both be seen in the upcoming film “That Awkward Moment,” where they star alongside Zac Efron and Imogen Poots. For his part, Jordan has already worked with director Trank on “Chronicle.” Perhaps that link will offer Teller a leg up during the testing phase.
The “Fantastic Four” reboot is set to hit theaters on June 19, 2015, so all the pieces do need to be worked out relatively soon.

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