Robert Rodriguez confirms Rourke and Rosario returning for ‘Sin City 2’

04.19.12 6 years ago 2 Comments


I guess some of this feels inevitable, but if a decade-plus of covering this industry has taught me anything, it is that common sense rarely rules the day.  Just because Robert Rodriguez is finally making a sequel to “Sin City,” we shouldn’t just assume that he’s going to have the same cast back… should we?

When Rodriguez spoke with MTV News this week, he said that Mickey Rourke has agreed to return as Marv, the role that helped kickstart his successful comeback.  That’s good news, because if anyone on this planet looks like they stepped out of a comic book, it’s Mickey Freakin’ Rourke.  And it sounds like Rosario Dawson is also coming back to play Gail, one of the most visually striking characters the already-visually-striking Dawson has ever played.

In 2007, there were rumors that Angelina Jolie was set to star in the film, but it sounds like Rodriguez threw some cold water on those rumors.  The process never really got that far, and right now, Jolie’s not involved at all.

If you haven’t read any details about the sequel, we ran some recently.  It’s being called “Sin City: A Dame To Kill For,” and one of the three segments in the film is an adaptation of that story, while Frank Miller wrote two originals to fill out the anthology. 

One is called “The Long Bad Night,” and there’s no title yet for the other.  William Monahan, Oscar-winner for “The Departed,” wrote the script with Miller, and Rodriguez is set to start work on it as soon as he wraps production on “Machete Kills.”

We’ll see who else returns for the sequel, but for now, it sounds like Rodriguez has answered one of the most important questions about the sequel casting, and I’m thrilled that Rourke’s going back under the make-up.

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