Sam Rockwell on ‘A Single Shot’ and the ‘horrible thing’ that happens with his character

09.17.13 4 years ago

In his latest role, Sam Rockwell is playing a down on his luck man who, after a horrible mistake, quickly finds his life spiraling out of control. The movie, “A Single Shot,” is directed by David M. Rosenthal and based on a novel by Matthew F. Jones (who also wrote the screenplay). 
When asked, Rockwell told us, “It is terrifying, what happens to John.” Rockwell was speaking of his character, John Moon and the set of issues Moon encounters after a hunting accident and taking some money that doesn’t belong to him. 
“It’s a horrible thing that happens and then he makes a strange choice, but for the sake of his family. ” Rockwell then added, “But who’s to say what you might do if you found all that money.” In the end, while Moon does make a choice many of us might not, he does so because he’s trying to provide for his family which is something most people can understand.
Moon’s decision finds the character with a whole other set of issues he must attempt to overcome, ones he would probably rather avoid. So, what attracted Rockwell to the role of the unlucky Moon? “I just liked how isolated he was and how haunted he was. I just thought there was something really appealing about that.” 
At the end of our interview we also had the opportunity to speak to Rockwell about the possibility of his starring in the forthcoming remake of “Poltergeist.” Be sure to watch the end of the piece and hear what he had to say a bout that.
“A Single Shot” opens in limited release Friday, September 20th.

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