Sarah Silverman has Joan Rivers roast heaven on ‘Saturday Night Live’

10.05.14 3 years ago

Many mourned the passing of Joan Rivers last month, but none moreso than Sarah Silverman. The recent Emmy-winner had often referred to Rivers as a personal “hero” and one of her idols.

Hosting “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, Silverman became Rivers for a sketch that found the iconic comedienne roasting some of the biggest stars in heaven including Richard Pryor (not Jay Pharaoh best impression), Steve Jobs, Ava Gardner, Ben Franklin (a great Bobby Moynihan), Freddie Mercury (um, Adam Levine) and Lucille Ball (Kate McKinnon).

This must have meant a lot to Silverman and it was clearly tough for her to get through it. Unlike any other sketch during the 90 minute show, Silverman uncharacteristically flubbed her lines a number of times (and it wasn't something Joan would have done).

Overall, a nice moment that's worth watching for the end card alone.

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