‘Shahs of Sunset’ season finale: Reza has a proposal for Adam

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The season finale of “Shahs of Sunset” was surprising for a lot of reasons, mostly because of what it wasn’t. It wasn’t a non-stop shrieking argument. It wasn’t bubbling over with jealousy, resentment, hurt feelings or snarky judgment. While ostensibly the show was about Reza celebrating his 40th birthday with a blow-out celebration in Palm Springs, it wasn’t much of a blow-out and everyone mostly behaved themselves — even GG. Yes, I said GG. Would it be weird to call this episode sort of poignant? Maybe that’s taking it too far. But let’s just say everyone, not just Reza, is feeling the weight of the advancing years — even if that just means furiously ignoring them.

At the start of the episode, we expect some ugliness between Reza and Mike. After all, Reza has never told Mike why he’s not babysitting him in their joint business. Thus, while Reza has become annoyed by Mike’s lack of initiative, Mike’s become resentful. He expects big money, yesterday! Make it rain, Reza! 

Amazingly, though, the two have one of the nicest business break-ups, well, ever. After a workout, Reza tells Mike he misses their friendship, Mike tells him he feels like a bitter ex-girlfriend because Reza hasn’t helped him more, and then Reza lowers the boom. While Mike’s been resenting him for not helping him, Reza explains that in residential real estate, people fight to be in Mike’s position — and instead of expecting to get a piece of Reza’s sales, he should know the industry standard is that the trainee gives his mentor 50 percent of his first two sales. Yeah, that.

This is a language Mike can understand, and Mike quickly quits. Reza tells him he can use the office, and they’re both so thrilled they can go back to being just pals instead of resentful co-workers. Easy peasy! Of course, I get the impression this peaceful detente melts down in time for the reunion, but at this point, they could be running a seminar in conflict resolution. Hugs! 

Work isn’t Mike’s only problem. His girlfriend Jessica wants a ring. She wants it yesterday, and she isn’t shy about asking for it. When she points out that she doesn’t want to be having babies with some 40-year-old geezer, and, ahem, Mike is 35, this does not inspire Mike. He isn’t in a rush. He wants to make sure. I’m not sure he completely understands that waiting a year or two is not an option, not unless Jessica decides to sit on her feelings until 2015. Yeah, because she’s clearly patient. 

Later, Mike explains that he needs a half million dollars for a decent Iranian wedding. It’s funny that he never mentions this to Jessica (at least not while cameras are running). I suspect Jessica would probably tell Mike she could give a crap about a proper Iranian wedding, which would just lead to more arguing. But I think Jessica might be smart to cut her losses if she’s waiting for Mike to get his act together.

Mike is really the only member of the gang who seems to be in denial about the passing years, though. GG has decided to have her eggs frozen, because man or no man she wants a baby in 2015. I would suggest she might want to curb her drinking before she tries to quit cold turkey for a nine month pregnancy, but whatever.

MJ goes with her to her fertility specialist appointment, flummoxed by the idea that a 32-year-old woman would do such a thing. But over the course of GG’s appointment, MJ starts thinking that even if GG seems silly, it may not be a bad idea for a considerably older woman like herself. it doesn’t help that the doctor is a guy MJ knows from high school who keeps dropping hints about old ladies like her. Before they leave, she books an appointment of her own. 

MJ has never really had the itch to be a mom, but her trip to Turkey changed things — and a botched spa visit with her mom also enlightens her. She’d always assumed she didn’t want kids, but now she’s realizing that her mom just didn’t want her. I’m not sure if this is the best epiphany to send you running willy nilly to the fertility specialist, but, as Dr. Gahdir reminds her (repeatedly), she has nothing to lose. Except a lot of money. 

The episode wraps up with Reza’s birthday party in Palm Springs, which starts out glamorous and classy and ends with everyone getting sauced, stumbling around the house, and stealing MJ’s bikini top. Whoot! Reza thinks no crew knows how to party like his crew, but I think Reza doesn’t realize his crew looks kind of pathetic and middle-aged as they drunkenly splash around in the pool and try to see one another naked. The real wowza moment, though, comes when a very hammered GG starts gearing up for a fight… and manages to stop herself. Asa, who declares herself the “Lochnesa  Whisperer,” reminds her of her tai chi class, and after a few deep breaths GG is just ducky. 

Finally, Reza decides it’s time for his big moment (well, his big moment in addition to unveiling the most spectacularly gay rainbow mustache birthday cake ever, which I will dream of now and forever). He basically tosses Adam his ring, giggling like a rabid porcupine, and for some reason, Adam says yes. Everyone else at the table cries, hugs and seems genuinely touched… except for Mike. You can practically see the guy thinking, great, Jessica’s going to start bitching about getting married AGAIN. Not for long, Mike. Not for long. 

Not everyone is in Palm Springs, though. Lilly is at home with Coconut, ordering take-out and heading to bed early. She doesn’t go so far as to say she misses everyone, but she regrets distancing herself from the group. The question is whether they’ll take her back. And whether she actually eats take-out. I was kind of thinking she subsisted on ice water and air smoothies.

But Lilly’s isolation is sad, especially as we cut back and forth between her lonely apartment and the rest of the gang toasting one another and eating rainbow cake with Reza wearing a crown at the head of the table. Even if Mike calls Reza a chub-a-dub, he still seems to be sitting pretty for a guy who should be in the thick of his midlife crisis. But on “Shahs of Sunset,” maybe a midlife crisis means shaping up and behaving yourself.

What did you think of Reza’s proposal? Do you think Mike is making a mistake? And didn’t Reza’s cake look amazing? 

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