‘Sleepy Hollow’ Horseman of War puts out a chintzy lawyer commercial full of spoilers

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The Horseman of War aka Jeremy Crane aka Henry Parish…has been making trouble for “Sleepy Hollow.” In order to help Moloch usher in a new era ruled by Hell itself, Parish has gone out of his face to overturn the plans of his estranged parents and their associates.

Under his day job as a lawyer, he has sowed dissent by commandeering the soul of Captain Irving (Orlando Jones). In that vein, FOX has released this spot-on rendition of a local commercial for a small town attorney.

But wait! What”s that? That list of grievances of which Parish & Cipher (I see what you did there, Henry) can assist with? It has quite a few references to things that have already happened. And perhaps hint as to things yet to come.

Image Credit: FOX

But one thing near the bottom of the list should really perk up the ears of any fan of the show. Particularly Ichabbie shippers.

Image Credit: FOX

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. It's happening! It's probably, maybe happening! Shippers rejoice!

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