‘SNL’ imagines what if ISIS went on ‘Shark Tank’: Is it funny or in bad taste?

11.02.14 3 years ago

The 'Shark Tank' crew have seen about every possible pitch.  Have they ever seen anything as radical as…ISIS? Well, “SNL” tried to mock the exorbitant growth of the terrorist organization last night as two of their leaders pitch some of the Sharks on a 1% stake in ISIS's estimated $40 billion venture.

And – surprise – Mark Cuban is interested! And so is Daymond John (maybe). In fact, all of these Sharks are so morally repugnant they actually all consider it. Sort of. The skit ends a bit more seriously than it starts out which might leave you scratching your head.  Is it edgy? Is it making a bigger statement about the “Shark Tank” TV show than ISIS? Should it be funnier than it is?  Would you laugh more or less if it was Al Qaeda asking for money?

Watch the skit embedded at the bottom of this post and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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