‘SNL’s’ Jay Pharoah got to do his Obama impression in front of the president

05.16.13 5 years ago

“SNL’s” Jay Pharoah got to do his Obama impression in front of the president

“The president was surprised, then started laughing,” according to Page Six, describing Pharoah entertaining the president at a Harvey Weinstein fundraiser Monday night.

Keith Urban: “I would come back” to “Idol” next season

The country singer has yet to learn about his judging fate, but he says he loved the experience and would welcome a chance to return next year.

Jimmy Kimmel insists his mean celebrity tweets are real
“They are all tweets,” says Kimmel. “There are some who’ve indicated otherwise. That is not the case.”

“Treme’s” David Simon and Anthony Bourdain are feuding with Bravo’s Andy Cohen

Both Bourdain and Cohen were arguing on Twitter over “Top Chef’s” tax incentives to film in New Orleans, when, according to Simon, Cohen “goes out of his way to sh*t on the HBO production of ‘Treme.'”

House Republicans use “Arrested Development” to mock Obama
Watch their parody, “Arrested Economic Development.”

“Hannibal” might survive if NBC opts not to renew
At least one cable network and Amazon have expressed interest in saving the Bryan Fuller show should it be canceled, according to Deadline.

“Veronica Mars” movie begins filming on June 17
Rob Thomas tweeted that filming will begin in L.A.

“Mad Men’s” Matthew Weiner talks to Jeff Garlin about losing on “Jeopardy!”
Listen to their nearly two-hour chat in which they talk about watching “Revenge” and Weiner’s past jealousy of Conan O’Brien.

“Dancing’s” Zendaya inks book deal

The title: “Between U and Me: How To Rock Your Tween Years With Style And Confidence.”

USA to run short “Talk Stoop” clips during the day
In “Talk Stoop With Cat Greenleaf,” celebs will be interviewed on the stoop of a Brooklyn brownstone apartment.

A bearded Nick Offerman sings the “Rainbow Song”

Watch his Jay Leno performance in honor of Megan Mullally.

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