‘SNL’s’ ‘Jingle Ballerz’: Nicki Minaj does Beyonce and McKinnon’s Bieber is a scream

12.07.14 3 years ago


Kate McKinnon's Justin Bieber. My god! It's perfection. Everyone's favorite egg-throwing delinquent is brilliantly brought to life by one of “SNL's” current shining stars, who joins Nicki Minaj's Beyonce for “Jingle Ballerz'” Hip Hop Nativity. Also along for the ride are Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Taran Killam's dead-on Eminem as the most cartoonish Three Wise Men you're ever likely to see. This was one of the strongest sketches of the night, mostly thanks to McKinnon and Killam's killer impersonations.

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