Song Of The Day: New Santigold, Karen O track posted on Jay-Z’s website

04.14.11 6 years ago

Katie Hasty

Santigold, Karen O and Jay-Z… together at last?

Santigold debuted her fresh track “Go” featuring the Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman today on American Dreaming, the new lifestyle and fashion website from mogul Jay-Z.

And the name-power doesn’t stop there. The YYY’s NIck Zinner plays guitar on the cut, while Q-Tip and Switch of Major Lazer (man, those guys are popular today) co-produced the track with Santi.

The result is a party song, though in the interview posted on the section, it also comes with a bummer of a message about, well, American dreaming.

However, I will pull out one of the sweeter moments, in a description of how Santi White and Karen combined for the project:

So I worked on it a bit and sent it to Karen. I felt all insecure and was like, “You know, if you”re feeling it, if you could come up with something, but if not, it”s cool.” And then I didn”t hear back for a while. So, I sheepishly reached out again, and was like, “Hey, no pressure, if you weren”t feeling it, it”s cool.” And Karen was like, “OMG! I sent it back to you a week ago. I thought you hated what I did so much you didn”t ever want to speak to me again.” I told her I never got it, and we agreed that being an artist was insane and we laughed at our psycho- insecurity, and were both psyched on what she called our “rad track.”

Aw, the stars! They’re just like us!

“Go” will purportedly be included on Santigold’s as-yet-untitled sophomore set, due this year. Her first album “Santogold” — her old moniker — was released in 2008.

What do you think of the track?

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