Song of the Day: The Builders and the Butcher’s ‘Lullaby,’ plus video

02.03.11 7 years ago

Peter Blanchard

I don’t know much about The Builders and the Butchers except that they’re touring with Murder By Death, some righteous Midwesterners who have one of my favorite band names of all time.

But B&B have turned out a mighty good tune with a great video to match.

“Lullaby” features a little death by murder of its own, combating the serenity of its title with axes, a haunting and beards. Who doesn’t like a long shot of slow-mo fire? Not this girl.

The track itself reminds me of the blues/garage heart of Two Gallants and O’Death, and of The Decemberist’s Colin Meloy when he isn’t hate-f*cking the dictionary. The drum mix took me aback for a moment, but then I’m like, What the hell, it’s almost Friday, let that business all hang out; let that bass fritter away in what sounds like a tornado shelter while frontman Ryan Sollee yowls and yowls. It’s the freakin’ weekend.

The Builders and the Butchers, from Portland, Ore., are releasing their third full-length “Dead Reckoning” on Feb. 22.

Download “Lullaby” for free here, and watch it below:

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