Stoke the flames of your ’90s paranoia with these new ‘X-Files’ teaser images

11.19.15 2 years ago

January will be here sooner than you think — and with it FOX's six-episode “X-Files” revival, which brings Mulder and Scully together for the first time since the show ended its original run in 2002. 

I can tell you that the new series, whose first episode I screened late last month, feels something like stepping into a time capsule. Mulder and Scully have a few more years of wear on them, but that old, crackling chemistry pops off the screen just as it did more than a decade ago. 

Do you still want to believe in “The X-Files”? Take a gander at the miniseries' three final pieces of key art below, ponder them, and then let us know how you're feeling in the comments.

“The X-Files” premieres Sunday, January 24 on FOX.

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