Summer 2013 Most Anticipated #15-11: ‘The World’s End,’ ‘This Is The End,’ ‘The Heat’

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So far, we’ve had a very healthy mix of movies in the countdown of the 25 most anticipated movies for the Summer of 2013, and there’s been some controversy about the ranking of some of these choices.

The thing to remember here is that we’ve voted on this as a group, and the results surprised us as much as they seem to be surprising you. I never would have expected that the follow-up to “The Avengers” would rank so low, but I think I understand why. Anticipation is based at least in part on the desire to be surprised, to have something new happen. And while sequels are part of the fun of summer, there’s also a hope that most movie fans harbor that something new is going to sneak up on them as well.

It helps that we’ve seen so many of the smaller films at festivals, so we can point at some of them with confidence as we tell you that they’ll make the summer worthwhile. And in other cases, we just have faith in certain filmmakers or ideas. This batch of five, running from #15 to #11, is a good case of that. We’ve got new films here from Edgar Wright and the directorial debut of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, and we’ve got the comedic pairing of the director of “Bridesmaids” with two of the biggest ladies in movie comedy.

Remember… you’ll be able to check in as we continue this countdown with us. The top 10 begins on Thursday, April 25 as #10-6 are announced, and our 2013 summer movie preview will end on Monday, April 29 with #5-1.  We hope that once all 25 are revealed, you’ll see just how thrilling a season this could be.

And, let us know which of these five new films you’re most excited about seeing in the poll at the bottom of this post.

So without further ado, click on the graphic below and get started…

Summer Movies Preview

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