Sundance 2010: Park City… I’m Still Only In Park City…

01.20.10 8 years ago

Sundance Film Festival

We have descended on Park City en masse, and this year, we come to conquer.

Last year, HitFix had been up and running for about a month when we flew to Sundance, and I was still getting my bearings, having just left Ain’t It Cool after a decade or so.  I hadn’t been to Sundance in almost that long, and so I had to adjust to both a new outlet and re-establishing myself with publicists, and I had to relearn the Sundance system all over again.

This year, I feel like I’ve got a head start on everything, and I’m looking forward to covering as much as possible for you guys, starting opening day and maintaining a constant pace until the evening of the 28th, when I’m flying back to LA.  In addition to me, Greg Ellwood, Dan Fienberg, Melinda Newman, and Katie Hasty are all here in Salt Lake City as well, which means we’ll be bringing you a fairly diverse line-up of interviews, reviews, and reactions as the week unfolds.

I’m all about the midnight line-up this year with films like “Splice,” “Buried,” “Frozen,” and “Tucker & Dale VS Evil” already scheduled, and I’m trying to hit a wide range of things including documentaries like “Smash His Camera” and “Teenage Paparazzo,” international titles like “Vegetarian” and “Bran Nue Dae,” and premieres like “Cyrus” and “The Killer Inside Me.”  I’m set to talk to folks like Spike Jonze, the Duplass Brothers, Michael Winterbottom and even Gaspar Noe, and I’m going to work to get you those conversations as soon as possible after they happen.

It’s exciting to be here for as much of the festival as possible, and especially now that I feel comfortable again.  Last year, the titles we saw in Sundance became part of the conversation all year long, and I suspect the same will be true this year as well.  Last year’s fest introduced me to some great people like DERRICK Comedy, great films like “In The Loop” and “World’s Greatest Dad,” and also kicked off a year on the festival circuit that put me in touch with a lot of other online writers who I’ve come to view as good friends.

I’m worried about my family back in Los Angeles as the rain threatens to force an evacuation from our neighborhood, but there’s nothing I can do about it from here.  Ultimately, once you jump into Sundance, you have to ride it out, and I’m looking forward to seeing our new team members who have never been here before adapt to the pace and the geography, and I’m excited about the things that aren’t even on my radar yet that I’m sure will blind-side me, just like it seems something always does at every festival.

Most of all, though?  I’m excited that you guys, our HitFix readers, are going to be able to enjoy it all with us.  In the last year, we’ve seen our daily audience grow in a way that has been thriling and rewarding, and when we come to an event like this and bring this many people, it’s because we want to justify the time you spend on the site every day, and we want to give you the very best coverage we’re capable of, because you deserve nothing less.

Fingers crossed.  Snow on the ground.  Here we are.  Now entertain us.

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