Taylor Swift to guest on ‘New Girl’

03.28.13 5 years ago

AP Photo

Taylor Swift will be a new girl on “The New Girl.” The singer’s rep has confirmed that the superstar is set to play Elaine, “who is an ‘important guest’ at the wedding of Cece (Hannah Simone) and Shivrang (Satya Bhabha).”

Her guest-starring episode is set to air on May 14. Shooting for the ep is next week.

As the mag points out, Swift has been name-checked multiple times on the Fox comedy. Do you think its characters will like her just as much after?

In non-TV Taylor Swift news, the pop singer is currently on tour and has some choice words for her detractors. EW also reports that during a segment introducing “The Lucky One” at her concert in Newark last night (March 27), Swift is seen in an old-timey dressing room. “They don”t tell you what the papers are going to say about you. They”re building you up just to knock you down. But they haven”t yet.”

Her defiant spirit toward straw- and newspaper men was also explained during her banter to the crowd. Swift is fully aware that her break-up anthems have contributed to her fame. “It”s been brought to my attention that apparently I write a lot of break-up songs. And I do write a lot of break-up songs. That”s a fact. But I don”t exclusively write break-up songs, because sometimes people stay.”

And furthermore: “I write about my feelings. I”m told I have a lot of feelings. But 13,000 of you opted into hearing about my feelings for the next two hours.”

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