8 Terrible Solutions For Bob Costas’ Olympic Pink Eye


It was a valiant battle, but after powering through broadcasting Olympics coverage from the Fortress of Solitude…no, seriously…

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…Bob Costas succumbed to pink eye. With both eyes infected, he will have to cede control to Matt Lauer…at least temporarily. But no one who outs Superman from his own lair is going to let a little thing like conjunctivitis keep him down for long. So when Costa inevitably returns to power, the Internet has kindly suggested how to integrate his infection into a fashion statement.

#1 – The easy choice of course is a debonair eye patch. Add in a hook and a pirate and Costas would have a classic theme that never goes out of style.
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#2 – Or if he’d rather pander to his own Overlords™ he could show is affiliate pride.

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#3 – As Entertainment Weekly points out, the possibilities are endless.
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#4 – Barring an eye patch, a Googly Eye makes let’s viewers know Costas has his eye on them.
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#5 – Or ride the wave of renewed Daft Punk fervor to confuse his enemies and keep his mind free of Superman’s retaliatory plans.


#6 – He could even steal Cyclop’s visor to show he really means business.


#7 – But the best option is obviously for Costas to embrace his inner Sauron and take over the world, ruling from on high as our benevolent leader.

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#8 – OR! Costas get get super meta and plagiarize a plagiarizer latest look. Fashionable AND evil!

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Axel Schmidt

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