‘The Artist’ seals the deal for Oscar at the 2012 BAFTA Film Awards

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If you’re hoping for any surprises or upsets at this year’s Academy Awards the chances of that occurring are getting less and less likely.

“The Artist” pretty much dominated the 2012 BAFTA Film Awards Sunday evening winning best picture, best director (Michel Hazanavicius), best actor (Jean Dujardin), best original screenplay (Hazanavicius), best music (Ludovic Bource) and best costume design (Mark Bridges). Considering the film’s wins with the PGA and the DGA as well as Dujardin’s SAG win for best actor, it’s hard seeing anyone yelling over “The Artist’s” winning song.

It’s somewhat remarkable because the Brits chose The Weinstein Company release over “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” a massive box office and critical hit in the UK. “Tinker” did win best british film and best adapted screenplay (Bridget O’Connor and Peter Straughan), but a possible win for Gary Oldman over Dujardin didn’t materialize and the Frenchman has become the clear cut favorite.  Is it Roberto Benigni pt. 2 all over again?  Well, that’s a bit insulting to the fine work Dujardin had accomplished throughout his career, but we’d argue others are more worthy.  Of course, those are the Oscar breaks.

In other categories, Meryl Streep took home just her second BAFTA for her performance as Margaret Thatcher in “The Iron Lady.” Including her Golden Globe honor last month that was the second head to head win for Streep over “The Help’s” Viola Davis. Even with Streep’s win, its still expected Davis will take the Oscar after winning the comparable SAG Award just two weeks ago.  BAFTA did show love for “The Help” bestowing the best supporting actress honor to Octavia Spencer.

And, somewhat comfortingly, Christopher Plummer took home the BAFTA for “Beginners,” the first nomination and first win for the 82-year-old Canadian.  Some suspect Max Von Sydow could upset Plummer on Oscar Sunday, but that would really be shocking at this point. Especially since Plummer has pretty much run the table this year.

Will that leave any suspense for the big show just two weeks from today?  The Academy always surprises somewhere. This year it just might be in foreign language film, visual effects (perhaps a first statue for the “Transformers” franchise?), documentary or those cagey sound editing and sound mixing categories. Yes, hold back your enthusiasm. It’s gonna be one of those shows.  

So, if you’re filling out your office Oscar pool or participating in HitFix’s own awards pool, go with “The Artist” and take some time guessing just how long this year’s telecast will be.  There’s gonna be a lot of tiebreakers this year.

Do you think “The Artist” has it all wrapped up?  Share your thoughts below.

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