‘The Glee Project’ recap: ‘Fearlessness’

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It’s an interesting theme this week, especially for Nellie, who is so overloaded with nerves it’s amazing she doesn’t just topple over. Of course, there are a few people who might be overconfident. Aylin thinks she’s the very epitome of fearlessness, as she’s had to overcome growing up in a conservative Muslim household. I suspect that actually won’t be the topic of the video this week, so she may want to cool her jets. If we’ve learned anything about reality TV competition, it’s that whenever you’re expecting something, an unexpected take on things is going to smack you in the face like a cold cup full of slushy.

For their group sing, they’ll be performing “Now That We’ve Found Love” by Heavy D and the Boyz. Abraham doesn’t know if Asians are supposed to rap well (um, Far East Movement? Hello?), but he does know that he doesn’t rap well. I suspect no one in this group is a natural born rapper, but whatever. Nellie doesn’t care which line she gets from the song, as she’ll feel ridiculous no matter what. Thata girl, Nellie!

The gang gets a boost knowing that Jane Lynch will be dropping by to guest judge their performance. Ali freaks out to such an extent I think she’s going to knock over her wheelchair. Jane, to her credit, is just as happy to be there (okay, maybe not that happy; we don’t want her to have a heart attack of anything). She tells them that before “Glee” she did improv, which is terrifying, and that even at that moment she’s surging with caffeine and fear. Really, it’s impossible not to love Jane Lynch, isn’t it?

Even though I wouldn’t want to see a lot of rapping out of these guys, it’s not terrible. And yet, Nellie manages to forget the lyrics to the very small segment she has to sing. Overall, the guys seem a little stronger than the girls as far as rapper attitude, but Jane gives the big props to the ladies. She thought Aylin brought an actor’s attitude to her part and she thought Lily demanded her attention. Michael and Nellie get kind criticism for hanging back. But the winner is Lily, who gets a mentoring session with Jane.

Jane has a big announcement to make, too. The video will feature a mash-up of “Hit Me WIth Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar and “One Way or Another” by Blondie. Oh, and the number will also include a slushy fight. They’re so excited! Shanna is so excited! She’s being initiated into all things “Glee!” But wait, there’s more! It’s going to take place at a high school swimming pool! And they have to wear swimsuits! Nellie looks like she wants to hang herself. Ironically, she has one of the best figures in a swimsuit of all the girls, but she seems to think wearing a one piece is tantamount to doing a photo shoot for Hustler. She cries a little. Oh, Nellie! This is supposed to be fun!

Since last week, Charlie and Aylin’s relationship has deepened. He may be her first ever boyfriend! Yay! They’re cute in a Finn and Rachel kind of way.

But before the video shoot can happen, vocal producer Nikki works with everyone on their vocals. Charlie isn’t focusing. In fact, I think a lot of people are going to need some sweetening in the mix, to be honest. Wow, there is some bad singing up in here.

As expected, Nellie glumly splashes around at the video shoot. She can’t do sexy! She can’t do emotion! She can only float. Waah-waah. Ali wants to get pounded with slushies, which is fine, except she can’t handle cold and starts panicking. Everyone is very impressed that she wants to do what everyone else is doing, except they’re worried she’s going to die. Big fearlessness points for her! Please, “The Glee Project,” let’s not kill anyone. It’s only season two.

Finally, it’s time for Robert Ulrich to announce the MVPs this week. Lily owned the video, while Ali epitomized fearlessness and never made an excuse. And, you know, almost had a stroke. Honestly, I think that trumps Lily shaking her butt and not being afraid to wear a swimsuit. Shanna, Blake and Abraham are all safe. Michael, Nellie, Aylin and Charlie are next on the block. Robert tells Charlie he made confusing choices and threw away the first line of the song, which is really true. I don’t understand how Charlie can be so talented and yet so consistently go for the wrong option at every turn. Aylin is told she had a problem controlling her giggling. Nellie, of course, was intimidated by the assignment and required too many takes to get things right. Michael needed to do more, which doesn’t seem like the worst thing.

As expected, Michael is safe. Charlie, Aylin and Nellie will be performing for Ryan. Charlie and Aylin are freaking out. They love one another, but they have to compete against one another! Aylin seems a lot more comfortable with this than Charlie does.

The trio get their song assignments. Nellie will be performing Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy.” Aylin will be singing “Take A Bow” by Rihanna. Charlie’s song is “It’s Not Unusual” by Tom Jones. Why the heck did he get the goofball retro song? I thought the point was he makes weird decisions, so why give him a setpiece that’s so damn oddball?

Ryan declares that he would have chosen the same bottom three as Zach, Robert and Nikki. Well, that’s a good thing. Everyone keeps their jobs this week!

Aylin does a great job and is incredibly fierce, but I think Ryan makes a good point when he notes that she doesn’t ever show her vulnerability. He also tells her he’s never, ever before seen someone laugh after getting slushied. She needs to be strong and vulnerable, and you can tell he’s rooting for her because he considers her, as a Muslim, to be a possible game changer. We definitely know Ryan digs game changers on his shows.

Charlie turns in a strong but, yes, goofy performance. He even adds a verse about how much he wants to stay on the show and how much he loves Ryan. Ryan likes it, but he still doesn’t understand what Charlie is doing half of the time. He likes Charlie, but he’s not sure he fits the show. I like Charlie, too, but I think he’d better hope Nellie turns in a so-so performance.

Nellie, of course, does not turn in a so-so performance. She makes Zach cry she’s so good. Give the girl a microphone and she’s more than fine. I don’t know how many times she can walk away from the chopping block, though.

Ultimately it’s Charlie who gets the boot. He’s crushed, Aylin’s crushed, and Nellie’s relieved. Girl dodged a bullet again, so I hope next week she rallies. She’s got what it takes, if only she could convince herself of it.

Do you think Nellie deserved another chance? Were you surprised about who got sent home? Do you think Ali made the right decision to get slushied? 

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