The Gregory Brothers give hero Charles Ramsey his own anthem

05.09.13 5 years ago

I supposed it would be in poor taste to say that anything good has come out of the monstrous triple-kidnapping debacle in Cleveland, but the silver lining at least is that it introduced the world to human meme Charles Ramsey. If you haven’t been obsessively watching CNN for the past 48 hours, Charles Ramsey is the man responsible for rescuing three women from a decade of captivity at the hands of his next door neighbor. And boy howdy, can this fella give an interview!

Autotune superstars the Gregory Brothers, those geniuses responsible for “Bed Intruder Song” among other viral sensations, wasted no time turning Charles Ramsey’s interviews into a song. It’s called “Dead Giveaway,” and you can bet your “cool aunt” will be forwarding it to you in about six months.

News of a McDonalds endorsement deal to come.

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