The Heroes vs Villains Bugle: Hannibal and Dexter Take it Down to the Wire!

03.20.15 3 years ago

Its down to the wire! In just 48 hours, voting will close on Round 1 of the Hitfix 2nd Annual March Mayhem Tournament of Heroes vs. Villains, and results are looming that could turn the world of fandom on its head.

Overall, the fan groups have been turning out in droves for this second year: the votes in the first week alone will likely match last year”s entire tournament.  And thanks to this voter surge, our reigning titans are getting a real run for their money.

Let”s look across the divisions:

In the Movie Heroes Division, the two top-ranked heavyweights – Batman and Han Solo are both easily holding up their first round matches, fending off Philip Marlowe and Flash Gordon without hardly breaking a sweat.  They better not think they can coast all the way to the division finals however,  because right in the middle, Black Widow”s fanbase has been pouring in, running up a huge total for the Avenger.   

Two contests are proving surprisingly bloody for the Movies Heroes.  Katniss Eberdeen, the early enormous favorite holds only a small lead over LeelooDallas
 MoooltiPass.   And just a handful of votes separate Frozen damsel Elsa from 80″s icons Thelma and Louise.  Will the Disney legions stand by and see her let it go down in flames?  As of this writing, only 150 votes separate the two.

And in what looks to be the round one upset that will have the world talking, the Wizard of Oz”s Dorothy may be approaching 80 years old, but she”s about the drop-kick the little upstart Bella right over the rainbow.  With two days left, Dorothy holds a powerful lead over the Twilight heroine, however, the Twilighters are staging a twilight comeback with a powerful social push supporting their girl.  Will it be enough to save her?  Stay turned

Down in TV Heroes,  Scandal may have the fans tweeting, but thus far, their tweets aren”t enough to save Olivia Pope from March Mayhem's defending champion, Xena, who is making easy work of this first match-up.  However this division is shaping up to be a true bloodbath before all is said and done. At this early stage,  no less than four TV heroes are being carried by powerful voting surges on their behalf.  

At the top of the list, Rick Grimes is walking very much alive, as the tournament”s number one vote getter at this hour.  Should he win, he”ll go on to face Malcolm Reynolds who is also turning out fans in Wheedonesque numbers for match-up with Jim Rockford. And down the list, Buffy is slaying mightily, although Walker is not going down without a fight.

Elsewhere in the division, one of Mayhem”s closest fights continues raging between little Arya Stark and Veronica Mars.  Right now the wayward Wolf girl holds the slight edge, but its still anyone”s match.

Over in the Movies Villains division, a lot of races are set for photo finishes.  Defending division champion Joker looks set to easily move on to round two after he finishes off Norman Bates. Elsewhere in the division, Scar, Mystique, Clever Girl and Voldemort are all looking strong, but none is separating themselves yet from the pack.  And with villains, you always have to look out for that last minute gasp from the seeming-dead.

The TV Villains category is seeing the bloodiest match up in all of Mayhem, as two serial killers go head-to-head, drawing massive #”s of votes.  Right now, Hannibal Lector has the edge on Dexter, but one last minute swing could very much turn this contest.

Famed meth dealer Walter White”s fanbase has also exploded out of the gates in the first round of this competition, making him the division”s top vote getter. Another Game of Thrones titan, Cersei Lannister has also come out swinging, making pigeon pie of Marlo Stanfield, while Catwoman and Sideshow Bob are clearly here to play.  

But in the end, only one legend can rule them all?  Who will live to fight another day?  Check back on Monday morning and until then – support your heroes, stand by your villains and cast your ballots!

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