How the couch gag is becoming the best part of ‘The Simpsons’

02.22.16 1 year ago


The Simpsons, now in Season 27 and with nearly 600 episodes to its credit, is iconic. And, some might say, has vastly overstayed its welcome. Really, it's impossible to keep a TV show fresh and funny for this long. Or even half this long. Or after Conan O'Brien left, if you want to be a real purist about it.

But at least one thing about the series has only improved with age: the couch gags, which are more inventive and complex that the episodes they precede, often bringing in guest animators to make things really crazy (see: last month's “LA-Z Rider” by Steve Cutts or 2014's head trip into the future by Don Hertzfeldt).

Here's last week's, where the couch runs away from home, leading the Simpsons on an epic odyssey halfway across the world to rescue it.

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