‘The Walking Dead’ midseason finale attracts 12.1 million

12.02.13 4 years ago

“The Walking Dead” midseason finale attracts 12.1 million
That’s up 15% from last year’s midseason finale. PLUS: Robert Kirkman on what’s next.

Report: “Glee’s” Charice attempted suicide
The Filipino singing sensation was suffering from financial strain, according to her grandmother.

Marge Simpson to visit “Project Runway”

She’ll enlist the “Project Runway: All Stars” for some fashion help.

Adult Swim crashes a spaceship in NYC to promote “Rick and Morty”
The crashed spaceship has ended up on Craigslist.

Coming to NBC: “The Wolfman”
The 2010 Benicio Del Toro-Anthony Hopkins movie, itself based on a 1941 film, is set for a TV remake.

“Sin City” and “Silver Linings Playbook” may get TV remakes
The Weinstein Company wants those movies, plus “The Mist,” remade for the small screen.

“The Wire” alum Pablo Schreiber is returning to HBO in “The Brink”
He’ll be joined by Geoff Pierson and Maribeth Monroe in the state department comedy.

6th “Doctor Who” isn’t happy he wasn’t invited to be in “The Day of the Doctor”
Colin Baker says not being invited “makes you feel like a second class citizen.” PLUS: Is “Doctor Who” picking up a secondary companion?

“The Mindy Project” books Dan Hedaya

He’ll play Danny’s dad.

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