Did this licensed stormtrooper statuette just give away a HUGE ‘Force Awakens’ spoiler?


We have almost a year until “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” makes it theaters. In fact, as of this writing there are 347 days to go. That”s 11 months and 13 days in which fans will simultaneously clamor for more information and run away screaming “LA LA LA” with our hands over our eyes if said information runs into spoiler territory.

On the other side of this push/pull, the marketing machine at Disney needs to both keep details under wraps while kicking the collectible and toy production into gear. Because a December 18 release date means last minute Christmas shopping (dick move guys).

These opposing desires all collided on Slideshow Collectibles website. Under the Coming Soon page, they boldly proclaim you can pre-order this stormtrooper.

Image Credit: Slideshow Collectibles

Oh cool, a stormtrooper. With a lightsaber. A blue lightsaber. Almost as if said stormtrooper was really in disguise and infiltrating the Empire in some capacity. Perhaps on Tatooine.

Yes, McQuarrie has used stormtroopers with lightsabers in the past. But all that has been regulated the realm of “Legends” since the merger with Disney. With “The Force Awakens” and “Star Wars Rebels” making headway into the new official lore, would Lucasfilm put out Expanded Universe statues?

What do you guys think? Is John Boyega under that helmet? Did McQuarrie's stormtrooper just become canon?

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