This Week in Unfounded Rumors – Iron Man, Supergirl, and more

01.09.15 3 years ago

During the course of the week, outrageous rumors slip through the news cycle cracks. Sometimes they're too outlandish to believe, or just not catchy enough for to stand on their own two legs. In this new feature, we dust off the best “Oh come on now!” scuttlebutt of the week for your deriding pleasure.

Bon appétit!


#1. The Han Hotline: Aaron Paul is totally cool with playing young Han Solo, but wants to know who to thank for starting this particular rumor.


#2. Tony Stark's Mini-Me Is After His Life: Remember that not completely grating child actor (Ty Simpkins) from “Iron Man 3”?? Once Robert Downey Jr. tires of wearing the tin can, he might be taking up the mantle. If Downey”s contract can”t be re-negotiated in time, Simpkins might be Iron Man in the fourth installment.

#3. Clint Barton, What Do Your Hawk Eyes See? Jeremy Renner hinted at the return of Hawkeye on WhoSay. “Tues morn. I find myself in costume again. I just can”t tell you why. And it still fits!” he teased. Whether Renner was gearing up for a movie or television is unknown.

#4. Peggy Carter, Time Lady: Hayley Atwell is 100% okay with time-traveling Peggy Carter. Could be speculation, could be a vague hint. From an interview with Hollywood Reporter:

“If audiences keep liking Peggy, hopefully she will pop up in different worlds. I would certainly jump at the chance because I love playing her.”

#5. Batman And Superman Are Splitsville: This image found floating around the Internet has “Batman v Superman” getting split into two parts. Because anything Marvel can do, DC can do dumber.

#6. What's So Super About This Girl? Is U.K. actress Gemma Atkinson your new Supergirl? According to anonymous sources, she auditioned well.

BONUS: Spoilers.

#7. RAWR. It's dinosaur for “Spoilers!”: A leaked document from the upcoming “Jurassic World” toy line accidentally revealed the name of the mysterious dinosaur hybrid from the trailer. Science has created the Indominus Rex, meaning either “Fierce King” or “Untamable King.” What dinosaur DNA was used to create this Franken-Hybrid remains under wraps for now.

#8. Siths in Toyland: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” also fell prey to a supposed leaked toy line document. Episode VII action figures include something happening in a Snow Desert, and a Darth Vader Voice Change Mask.

#9. We're Painting The Fighters Red: And finally: this leaked pre-production art for “The Force Awakens” TIE fighter added a splash of color to the Empire”s ships.

Do these rumors and spoilers speak the truth or are they made of smoke and lies? Discuss below!

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