Travel with The Civil Wars to Paris in new video, ‘Dust To Dust’

10.03.13 4 years ago

Not so very long ago, The Civil Wars” Joy Williams and John Paul White actually liked each other and enjoyed each other”s company.

The now -defunct duo look back to that time in the video for “Dust To Dust,” the haunting second single from the pair”s sophomore self-titled set.  The video features what they claim to be found footage from a 2011 trip to Paris. Yeah, “found” footage, just like “Blair Witch Project” or “Paranormal Activity.” Watch them stroll in Paris. Enjoy the cafes and book stores vicariously.

Seriously, it”s a clever way to deal with how to create a video that still features the band members when the band members are no longer talking to each other.  I imagine future videos will have old concert footage or be conceptual.


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