Um, where’s the rest of the group in the official ‘Walking Dead’ Season 5B art?

01.07.15 3 years ago


No one could ever accuse “The Walking Dead” of being a happy show. But after the events of the fifth mid-season finale, Rick and the gang may be at their all time low. The one-two punch of losing one of their own and discovering Eugene”s deception has all but killed hope.

When the show returns to AMC this February, the group is without a home, without a purpose, and without direction. This is a deadly cocktail of despair that has some near the breaking point while others have hardened into cold, steely resolve.

To that end, “The Walking Dead” released the official key art for the back end of Season 5.

Image Credit: AMC

“The new world”s gonna need Rick Grimes.” But which Rick? The one that”s a leader and keeps his people from falling into a pit of despair? Or the one that mercilessly kills any who threaten the ones he loves? Probably both.

Rick and Daryl are the only ones facing the camera while Tyreese, Rosita, Abraham, Carl, Glenn, Michonne, and Carol walk away. That”s…a significant chunk of the cast that isn”t with them. No sign of Maggie, Sasha, Tara, Noah, Father Gabriel, or Eugene. Read into that what you will. Interestingly, Carl is “leading” the group, a visual cue that he's ever more trusted and comfortable as part of the first generation of adults where zombies are just a normal annoyance.

Along with the art, AMC also put out a video clip full of cast insights and footage from the new episodes. 

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“The Walking Dead” shambles onto your television on February 8 at 9/8c.

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