‘Utopia’ star was booted for smuggling in a smartphone, and looking up the other contestants

09.03.14 3 years ago

“Utopia” star was booted for smuggling in a smartphone, and looking up the other contestants
“It was clearly crossing the boundary of what was in her contract and what we thought was creatively important for the show,” says Simon Andreae, chief of Fox”s alternative programming. “So, we sadly had to let her go and that's the sum of it.”

NBC”s “Weight for Love” will have couples lose weight together
The new reality show will be self-contained and different from “The Biggest Loser”s” couples editions.

Lifetime sued over “Happy Face Killer” movie
Daun Slagle, who survived the real-life killing spree, claims the movie wrongfully portrayed her as a prostitute. Her lawsuit contends that the film, which aired in March, left viewers “with the sense that (she) somewhat provoked and/or deserved the attack due to her low character, criminal behavior.”

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Jimmy Kimmel”s “Friends” mini-reunion is a massive YouTube hit
Viewership is approaching 14 million, placing it 3rd so far all-time among Kimmel viral videos. PLUS: Eva Longoria does a terrible job cooking eggs for Kimmel.

Would Tony Soprano still be alive today if he survived “The Sopranos” finale?
So asks the FiveThirtyEight blog: “Or to put it another way: What”s the life expectancy of an orphaned, overweight, sedentary mobster with a cigar habit, a drinking problem, multiple sex partners, marital difficulties, sky-high job stress and armed enemies who want him dead?”

Late-night hosts had to delicately make fun of the celebrity nude hacking scandal
Instead of making fun of the celebrities, late-night hosts deployed a number of strategies for making this unfunny situation monologue-worthy, including using the name “Kim Kardashian.”

“Parks and Rec” is filming in Chicago this week
Chris Pratt, who threw out the first pitch at today”s Cubs game, and Aziz Ansari are part of the shoot. But it”s unclear if Amy Poehler is also in town. PLUS: Watch a supercut of April insulting Ann.

Mindy Kaling on why she doesn”t tackle abortion: “It would be demeaning to the topic to talk about it in a half-hour sitcom”
Does Kaling not realize that many comedies, from “Scrubs” to “Girls,” have tackled the serious abortion topic?

Lifetime orders a 3rd “Flowers in the Attic” movie starring “Sex and the City”s” Jason Lewis
“If There Be Thorns” will also star Rachael Carpani as Lewis” wife.

Fox creates a 22-minute special explaining “Mulaney”
Watch John Mulaney preview his new sitcom in “Mulaney: An Opening Act.”

Study compares viewers” eating habits while watching action movies vs. “Charlie Rose”
Turns out the action movie viewers consume double the food of viewers watching the PBS talk show.

Brittany Murphy”s dad defends slamming the actress who”s playing his daughter on Lifetime
Amanda Fuller, says Angelo Bertolotti, “attacked my daughter, Brittany Murphy, as well as myself and our relationship, which she knows nothing about. ”She did that in response to one single tweet, where I called her being cast in this film ‘a disgrace.” I stand by that opinion.”

Why you should care about the HD cropping of “The Simpsons” and “The Wire”
A show like “The Wire” was intended to have a square-shaped look. Cropping it so that it would fit a rectangular-shaped television would be the equivalent to vandalizing the series.

Meredith Vieira”s 1st guest: Jennifer Lopez
Seth Rogen and his actress wife Lauren Miller will also be part of Vieira”s talk show debut on Sept. 9.

Seth Meyers: Carolina Herrera saved my wedding
The “Late Night” host re-told the story of how his wife was hospitalized and very sick on their wedding day. But all that changed once she put on that “transformative” Carolina Herrera wedding dress.

Allison Janney plans to watch her “Masters of Sex” nude scenes when she”s 82
Actually, she tells Conan, “I have no interest” in seeing herself naked.

NeNe Leakes to make her Broadway debut in “Cinderella”
The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star will replace Sherri Shepherd as the wicked stepmother.

Has “The League” become too absurd?
The FXX series returns tonight, but it needs to bring back the harmless fun.

Preview Shemar Moore”s soap opera return
The “Criminal Minds” star is back on “The Young and the Restless” for two episodes.

FXX should stop airing “Ali G Rezurection”
The retooled version of “Da Ali G Show” from the early 2000s, which returns tonight, has shown that Borat and Bruno haven”t aged well.

“Batman”s” Adam West is the subject of a new documentary
“Starring Adam West” chronicles West”s career, from his iconic ’60s TV show to playing the mayor on “Family Guy.”

“The Big Bang Theory”s” season kicks off with Sheldon in his underwear
Where are his pants?

Check out the “Scandal” clothing tag
For The Limited Collection inspired by “Scandal.”

Amazon”s “Transparent” is better than any new show on network TV
The series starring Jeffrey Tambor who”s about to come out as transgender is as good as any show on HBO or Showtime.

A minor league hockey team will celebrate “Seinfeld” by wearing puffy shirt jerseys
The Bakersfield Condors will also put the names of “Seinfeld” characters on the backs of their jerseys.

Why Sean Astin was relieved by this week”s “The Strain” episode
Astin also said he hasn”t seen Elijah Wood in person in a long time, even though they were on FX/FXX series this summer.

The Giudices settle their $13.5M bankruptcy
The “Real Housewives” stars, who are awaiting sentencing on fraud and tax evasion charges, now have one less legal woe.

“Houdini” got a lot of facts wrong
Here”s fact-checking the History miniseries.

Here”s Jessica Biel with Zooey Deschanel on “New Girl”
Biel is setting her sights on “Veep”s” Reid Scott.

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