Video of the Day: Car crash from ‘Unknown’

02.08.11 7 years ago

In ‘Unknown,’ the new thriller from Dark Castle productions, Liam Neeson plays an American doctor who wakes up from a coma after an accident only to find that his wife claims not to know him and there’s another man  who claims to be him. Making matters worse is the shadowy assassins that seem to be out to kill him.

Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, of “House of Wax” and “Orphan” fame, “Unknown” appears to have plenty of over-the-top set pieces such as today’s Video of the Day. In this car crash scene, (vaguely reminiscent of the crash in David Fincher’s 1997 ‘The Game,’) Neeson’s taxi, driven by Diane Kruger (Inglorious Basterds) is forced off the road into a river and he receives a serious head wound on impact. This is obviously the scene that sets the rest of the events in the film in motion and so it’s the Video of the Day.

Watch two more clips embedded below, “Unknown” opens in theaters Friday February 18, 2011

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