Video of the Day: Exclusive clip from Colin Hanks comedy ‘Lucky’

07.11.11 7 years ago

The folks at Film Four were kind enough to let HitFix premiere this exclusive clip from the film “Lucky” opening in theaters this Friday. The dark comedy stars Colin Hanks as Ben, a fledgling serial killer who wins the lottery and gets the confidence to pursue the woman of his dreams, Lucy, played by Ari Graynor. The dark role is a play off of Hank’s usual ‘nice guy’ characters, and from the looks of the trailer, things get pretty goofy, with Graynor’s Lucy eventually finding out about Ben’s deadly proclivities, and aiding and abetting him in order to enjoy his millions.

The cast is rounded out nicely by Anne Margaret as Ben’s Mother and Jeffrey Tambor as the investigating detective.

In our exclusive clip, Tambor investigates the disappearance of a young blond woman who may have bought a lottery ticket on the same day as Ben.

Check out the clip above and the trailer below. “Lucky” opens in select theaters this Friday, July 15th.

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