Want to attend the ‘Hunger Games’ premiere? HitFix can make that happen

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Considering the amount of attention that’s been paid to every single step of the production of the upcoming film adaptation of “The Hunger Games,” it seems hard to believe that the film is finally set to have its world premiere at the Nokia Live in Los Angeles on March 12.

Even harder to believe?  HitFix has got a chance for you to win two tickets to the premiere, and all you need are Twitter and Facebooks accounts.

It’s going to be a genuinely exciting evening, if only because of the enormous expectations that people have for the film.  I keep reading comparisons between this and “Twilight,” and aside from the possible commercial potential, I can’t see any similarity.  For one thing, the “Hunger Games” books are actually well-written and engrossing, with characters who make real choices based on something other than the disturbing pathology of the author.  These also deal with much larger ideas than just “who will the main character boink?”, which makes it much easier to endorse the idea of this adaptation.  While Gary Ross has never made anything like these movies, his passion for the material is encouraging, and his casting has been interesting to watch as it came together.

Is Jennifer Lawrence a movie star?  Will audiences accept a film where kids are killed for sport onscreen, since it will no doubt be a more visceral experience to watch than it was to read?  Can lightning strike twice for the Hemsworth family?  There are any number of questions worth asking about the film, but we won’t know those answers for another month or so.  The one question we can answer today is “How do you enter the sweeps so you can attend the premiere?”

Simple… just follow the directions in the embedded entry form graphic below.

Finally, just Tweet with the hashtag #HitFixHungerGamesSweeps, and you’re entered.  You’ve got until February 22nd to do so.

Once you’ve done that, you can head over to the official Facebook page and read more details about the premiere.  Lionsgate seems to be gearing up for a big push in this last month and a half, and this is just one of the many things they’ll be doing to raise awareness and turn up the hype.  Obviously, none of this matters if the film itself doesn’t deliver, but it seems like they’re confident that the final product is going to live up to the anticipation they’ve so expertly milked for the last year.

“The Hunger Games” will arrive in theaters on March 23.

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