Watch: ‘Warm Bodies’ star Nicholas Hoult on eating brains and braving John Malkovich

01.16.13 5 years ago

First things first: John Malkovich. Terrifying?

“[We] only had I think two scenes together, one where he threatens to shoot me and the other one where he does shoot me,” explained “Warm Bodies” star Nicholas Hoult, responding to my probing inquiries about the Oscar-nominated actor’s on-set temperament. “That’s not a great track record for me with scenes with John Malkovich. But yeah, I mean…it’s intimidating doing scenes with him, he’s a fantastic actor. But a very nice guy and easy to work with. Just fun to watch, you know? And fun to see how he changes scenes up and brings a good energy to set.”

And here I was hoping for a good story.

On the subject of munching human brains – something Hoult’s character, the lovable zombie “R,” does in one key moment of the film – I couldn’t help but wonder what that pink slimy substance the actor consumes on-screen was actually composed of.

“I think it was made of the brains of ex-‘American Idol’ contestants,” said Hoult. “They just lined up and shipped ’em out for us. Which was really nice.”

So that’s what happened to all those people.

Interested in hearing what else Hoult had to say? Watch the full interview above, then let us know whether you’ll be seeing the film in the comments.

“Warm Bodies” hits theaters on February 1.

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