Watch: ‘American Idol’s’ Lauren Alaina shows off her ‘Georgia Peaches’

01.07.12 6 years ago


“American Idol” Season 10 runner-up Lauren Alaina struts her way through the new video for her second single, “Georgia Peaches.” The bona-fide peach -she”s from Rossville, Ga.-is also eager to show off her taut tummy in a midriff-bearing shirt.

Flanked by her BFFs, she heads into a diner to celebrate her southern sassiness. Not much happens other than a bus boy, dressed in a white outfit and hat out of the ’50s, takes over the aisle between the booths to burst into a semi-break dance.

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Alaina and a Penn Badgley look-alike trade meaningful, flirty glances, a newly-wedded couple shares a meal (note to self: if husband takes you to cheap dinner for first meal as a married couple, seek instant annulment) and a waitress goes from surly to happy as the music takes over (despite having to clean up the sugary mess Alaina and her buddies make).

Alaina, 17,  continues to grow more confident in front of the camera and the song is a fun, upbeat ditty that is meant to brighten up a winter”s day. The song, from Alaina’s debut, “Wildflower,” is in the 30s on Billboard’s Country Songs chart.

What do you think of “Georgia Peaches?”

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