Watch: Black Keys’ ‘Howlin for You’ video is a tasteless movie trailer

02.10.11 7 years ago 8 Comments

At first glance, the trailer for “Howlin’ For You” looks like the campiest, worst and yet simultaneously awesome film of all time. And then Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach show up. So, by proxy, is “Howlin’ For You” the campiest, worst and awesomest music video of all time?

The Black Keys’ “Howlin’ for You” gets a cinematic makeover by Chris Marrs Piliero, who incidentally helmed the clip for the rock band’s “Next Girl.” Which is why the appearance of a stuffed dinosaur warrants a tip of the hat (or perhaps a wag of the finger): Piliero is no stranger to mixing tacky with the high-brow when it comes to the Black K… er, Las Teclas de Negro.

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Tricia Helfer “stars” as ” a sexy assassin with a troubled past” who “unknowingly falls in love with the man who killed her father… Now, all grown up with an appetite for revenge, Alexa”s leaving a trail of bloody corpses and broken hearts in her wake.”

Auerbach and Carney cameo as her two former loves, but “who would not have her.” Co-starring Christian Serratos, “Sir” Todd Bridges, Sean Patrick Flanery, erm, Shaun White and other I-sorta-know-em actors, “Howlin’ For You” is packed utter emptiness of the writing and more tacky than a company Christmas party. F-you, Hollywood, where’s the Oscar nod for this li’l gem?

“Howlin’ For You” is featured on the Black Keys’ latest “Brothers.”

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