Watch: ‘Breaking Bad’ alternate ending puts Walter in the middle

and 11.18.13 4 years ago

(CBR) Few finales were as talked about (or satisfying, in my opinion) as “Breaking Bad’s”. More than a month after it aired, the buzz surrounding Walter White”s last stand is as strong as ever.

But would it interest you to know that “Breaking Bad” could have ended very differently? On the show, the legendary Heisenberg unloaded an automatic weapon into a horde of Hank-killing, Jesse-abusing Nazis, then went off to die somewhat peacefully. That”s not how it shakes out in the show”s official alternate ending, filmed for the “Breaking Bad” complete series box set. Instead, the action shifts away from “Breaking Bad” following Heisenberg”s infamous “Say My Name” speech, revealed to be nothing more than a bad dream for Bryan Cranston”s “Malcolm in the Middle” character, Hal. He wakes his wife Lois (Jane Kaczmarek) in a panic, and recounts all of the horrible crimes he committed as Heisenberg, “Newhart” style.

The video is, in a word, ridiculous. In another word, glorious. Watch it below.

(via Gawker, Slate)

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