Watch: Carrie Underwood’s hair is perfect in ‘Blown Away’ video

07.31.12 5 years ago

Arista Nashville

There”s a storm brewing and it”s making a bee-line right for Carrie Underwood”s house in the video for “Blown Away,” the dramatic title cut from her current album.

In the atmospheric clip, the pressure between Underwood and her alcoholic daddy builds as the barometric pressure outside drops. There”s a twister coming and pops is too snockered to get himself down into the storm cellar, where there”s a nice mattress and Underwood is just fine until it all blows over.  Also, note that her hair blows beautifully in the wind, never obscuring her beauty or getting caught on her lip gloss, like what happens to mere mortals.

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This is one hangover that her father won”t be able to sleep off as the storm blows away all the of the bad memories and past that have seeped into those Oklahoma walls.

When Underwood emerges, she”s greeted by nothing less than a rainbow and a yellow brick road as she, hopefully, goes on to find her pot of gold….and if not that, her Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, and Scarecrow.

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