Watch: Daniel Craig tries to tame a wild one in new ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ Super Bowl TV spot

02.06.11 7 years ago

Jon Favreau got a jump on the rest of the movie Super Bowl competition by tweeting an action packed new spot for “Cowboys & Aliens” with Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde a few hours before the game. 

The new :30 spot gives moviegoers a much better look at the alien critters who’ve attacked the Old West and gives Olivia Wilde a couple of beauty shots that we’re certainly not complaining about.  In fact, our only complaint is that the spot isn’t a :60 so we could see more.

“Cowboys & Aliens” opens nationwide on July 29, 2011.  What do you think of Favreau and company’s Super Bowl spot?  Share your thoughts below.

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