Watch: ‘Downton Abbey’ trailer – Mary emerges from darkness

10.30.13 4 years ago

BBC America

It’s just not fair. The British have been watching “Downton Abbey” for ages now, and we here across the pond have only gotten this stinking trailer to tide us over until Jan. 5 (unless you’ve been reading spoilers from the U.K., which I really don’t recommend). Luckily, this very, very short trailer gives us an idea of intrigue to come. Minor spoilers after the jump.

What we do know from last season is that Mary has lost Matthew but gained a baby, which would be sad even if she didn’t have hired help to deal with diapers. Picking up the thread six months after all that happiness and sadness, the series is clearly focused on getting Mary back up and running. In the trailer, Violet tells Mary to just get the hell on with it, and shortly afterward we see a handsome suitor making an introduction. Whether or not Mary takes the hint, we’re pretty sure we’re going to be seeing Mary back in the dating pool whether she likes it or not.

We also see Rose merrily thumbing her nose at convention by (gasp!) dancing with a black man, Jack Ross. The horror! Okay, yes, it was the 1922; I guess it was pretty scandalous. Rose also expects the downstairs crew (possibly Thomas, though the editing makes it unclear) to keep her secret. As for Mary’s surviving sister, Edith seems happily in love, and so do Anna and Bates. Of course, such domestic bliss can’t last long, can it? This is “Downton Abbey,” after all!

Have you been reading spoilers? Are you frustrated that the show is available but we aren’t seeing it until next year? Are you interested in seeing Mary dating again? And no spoilers, people! Please!

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