Watch: Enrique Iglesias, Lil Wayne and Usher in ‘Dirty Dancer’

06.23.11 6 years ago

So as I”m watching the video for Enrique Iglesias”s “Dirty Dancer” featuring Usher and Lil Wayne, I”m thinking, as I watch one more stripper spread her legs, “Hmmm. I wonder if she waxes or shaves?” I don”t think this is the reaction he was going for.

So it”s another day and another slutty video from Iglesias. I don”t have to ask where our sweet Enrique, of the “Hero”  past, went because I know exactly where to find him, whether it”s for “I Like It” or “Tonight (I”m F****** You).” He”s going to be sniffing the trail of some scantily-clad babe. Of course, when a song is called “Dirty Dancer,” it signals what”s coming.

The interesting thing about this clip is the absolute distance between Iglesias and the dancer of the moment. (We only see Usher and Lil Wayne as cut-ins). There”s no interaction between anyone in this video, which is probably part of the point of the line, “She don”t want love/she just wants to touch.” Between that and a girl who can work the pole, what more does a man want?

Iglesias is feeling pain because he knows no matter how much coin he throws in the stripper”s slot, he”s never going to be her one and only. Yawn.

No one seems particularly interested here–whether it”s Iglesias or the strippers. We like the ending, and we get the greater point of being isolated here and the whole “so near and yet so far” vibe, but can he get into the  daylight for his next single, please?

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