Watch: Hot Chelle Rae takes us backstage for ‘I Like It Like That’ video

10.07.11 6 years ago 4 Comments

Hot Chelle Rae aims straight for the middle of the road with its own party anthem for folks for whom LMFAO”s “Party Rock Anthem” is too “edgy.”  “I Like It Like That”  is a formulaic pop effort  with the requisite “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh” singalongs and a rap from the New Boyz meant to make the little girls scream.

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In the new video, we see the boys  in Hot Chelle Rae (that”s Ryan, Ian, Nash and Jamie, if you”re over 14 and don”t know), introduced here a la “Saturday Night Live”s” opening. It”s the perfect adorbs video for the quartet”s young fans as we hang with them on the tour bus, seek them awkwardly greeting fans, goofing around on the basketball court, and performing.
The song is the perfect, light-as-a-feather summer hit and it”s… wait… October. Seems like the timing is a little late for this tune seasonally, but for a good reason: previous hit “Tonight Tonight” clung to the charts for a very very long time.

Whenever I hear this song or “Tonight Tonight,” however,  I can”t get over two things: the band is really going to regret, if they don”t already, naming themselves after a internet stalker fan, and given their lineage -each member”s dad is a famous musicians and/or songwriter – I can”t believe there”s not more creativity in their songs, but “Tonight Tonight” went to No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100, so I”m in the minority.

Hot Chelle Rae”s next album, “Whatever,” streets Nov. 29.

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