Watch: Joseph Morgan of ‘Vampire Diaries’ talks ‘Originals’

07.23.13 4 years ago

Comic-Con 2013 wasn’t so kind to “The Originals” for some reason. The panel for the show was booked immediately after “How I Met Your Mother” and far from the location for “The Vampire Diaries,” which meant that fans had to make a difficult decision — wait in line for “TVD” or see what’s going on with the New Orleans-based spinoff. The bad news is that seating was readily available for “The Originals” panel — but for fans of Klaus (played by Joseph Morgan), that was very good news indeed. Next year, it’s doubtful that seats will be so easy to come by.

I had a chance to talk to the man who plays the vampire with the most bite on “The Vampire Diaries” and now “The Originals,” and while he doesn’t sport Klaus’ wounded sneer in real life, that’s probably a good thing. We talked about his character’s pending fatherhood (not only is Morgan pretty sure Klaus won’t be changing diapers, he isn’t entirely convinced the vamp is on board with the whole baby situation at all) and lots more.

He explains how “The Originals” evolved (and the fan trailers that started hitting the Internet before a show was even in the works), shooting in New Orleans and Atlanta, and why Klaus isn’t going to try to make a go of it with his baby mama Hayley.

Will you watch “The Originals” this fall? 

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