Watch: Kanye West, Jay-Z bust up a car with Spike Jonze in ‘Otis’ video

08.12.11 6 years ago

Hey Eminem, are you paying attention? Y’know how you forgot to smile, or, like Ebenezer, how to even loff?

Let Kanye West and Jay-Z remind you how. The hip-hop superstar duo — who are attempting to go under the name The Throne right now — have released the first official video from their new album “Watch the Throne.” And “Otis,” like the song, is a blast, literally and figuratively.

The pair paired up with acclaimed director Spike Jonze for some flames, a chopped and screwed Maybach and a quartet of panty-flashing girls just wanting to have fun. Hov lip-syncs the track’s inspiration Otis Redding, Ye pretends to rap like his cohort and they goof on each other in a giant parking lot. It’s sort of like “Bellflower” (HAVE YOU SEEN IT YET) only without the paramount heartache and subsequent death-courting rampage.

The narrative is non-existent, but it’s a cute clip overall. It’s nice to get away from the dark hues and booty shorts and on to what everybody really wants: something beautifully expensive torn to bits with electric saws and blow-torches. I’d love to see its equivalent done to their other brand name drops.

“Watch the Throne” dropped on iTunes last week; it arrives in all other stores today (Aug. 12). Check out my review of the album here.

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