Watch: Ke$ha and James Van Der Beek sacrifice unicorns in ‘Blow’ video

02.25.11 6 years ago

Chris Pizzello/AP

We didn”t know she had it in her. Ke$ha”s video for “Blow” is so delightfully subversive and weird that we thought she”d gotten lost in a MGMT music clip, but it”s totally her own creation. And you”ll never look at unicorns, rainbows or James Van Der Beek the same again.

The song, from “Cannibal,” is completely mundane but the video is a fun, cosmic spoof of shoot-em-ups and thank goodness there”s a warning that “no mythological creatures were harmed in the making of the video,” otherwise we may be worried about our little uni-horned friends.

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We love that James Van Der Beek has such a great sense of humor about himself, as he”s proven over and over recently, both in this video and on Funny or Die.”  We”re feeling a big career comeback because he”s also still got that old Dawson charm when he smiles. As he says, “Don”t Slanderbeek his name!” (Van Der Beek has apparently just landed in a new sitcom, ABC’s “Don’t Trust The B**th in Apt. 23”).

Unless you”re a unicorn (and if you are, we”d like to hear from you), you”re going to dig this clip.

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