Watch: Kylie Minogue struts her stuff through London in new video for ‘Timebomb’

05.25.12 5 years ago

On “Timebomb,” Kylie Minogue sings “Time…time is moving so fast.” Maybe for the rest of us, but not for her. Minogue who spends much of the video in short jean shorts and a cropped motorcycle jacket (and sometimes less) looks amazing. Time has been very, very kind to the Aussie sensation.  In the Christian Larson-directed clip, she strolls through London streets on what looks like a rather chilly day compared to what everyone else is wearing, but she”s Super Kylie: she”s immune to feeling things like temperature.

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She”s not immune to everything though. In scenes shot to look like found footage (including with a time code in the corner), she runs into a building just in time for her beau to grab her and we are left to assume they are setting off some sex bombs of their own, as she strips off the shorts and a jacket to reveal a dress that resembles  a cobweb and offers about as much coverage.

The dance tune has an early Madonna flair to it with a catchy, fuzzy synth beat line holding much of it together. It”s mindless fun and a great way to continue K25, which fans know is the year-long celebration feting her quarter century in music.

Upcoming for Minogue (and we”re guessing she”ll have to leave the shorts behind) is a performance at Queen Elizabeth”s Diamond Jubilee at Buckingham Palace on June 4. Capitol Records will release “The Best of Kylie Minogue” on June 19.

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