Watch: Maroon 5’s new video for ‘One More Night’ featuring Minka Kelly

06.25.12 5 years ago

A&M/Octone Records

Love is a battlefield. At least for Maroon 5″s Adam Levine. In the group”s new video for “One More Night, ” he and his baby mama can”t live with each other but can”t live apart.  Or at least she feels that way.

Even though Levine is singing about not being able to do this anymore, it turns out it”s his wife, who has leaving on her mind. And when your wife is played by “Friday Night Lights'” Minka Kelly, that”s a pretty big loss. And the “FNL” connection doesn’t end there: “FNL” developer Peter Berg directed the video.

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As Levine goes off to to his big boxing bout, he”s totally oblivious to the fact that the real fight is at home. While he”s in the ring, she”s packing up all her and her baby”s worldly goods.

He returns home, victorious, but a major loser in life as his girlfriend and daughter are gone.

Want to know what”s really cold? She”s so cold that she took one of the goldfish, leaving both Levine and his goldfish alone.

The clip is beautifully shot and Levine gets to show off his boxing chops and his abs, but it”s a pretty tepid affair all around.

“One More Night” is the second single from “Overexposed,” which comes out tomorrow. First single, “Payphone,” is still in the top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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