Watch: Matthew McConaughey gets dazed and confused in Butch Walker’s ‘Synthesizers’

01.21.12 6 years ago


Fans of “Dazed & Confused”  are about to get as close as they can to a sequel to the iconic 1993 movie.

In the fun new video for “Synthesizers” by Butch Walker and the Black Widows, Walker mega-fan Matthew McConaughey reprises infamous stoner Wooderson.

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In the Shane Valdes-directed video, Wooderson and two lovelies head to a bar, where he leans up against the bar, lip syncs, plays trumpet, dances and basically looks stoned out of his mind.

The ’70s moustache and bad hairdo have aged about as badly as you would think they would.  Walker makes a cameo as the bartender and Ron Jeremy, as he always does, plays himself.

“Synthesizers” is on Walker”s new album, “The Spade.”

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