Watch Miguel and Mariah Carey’s video for ‘Hermosa,’ the half-Spanish ‘Beautiful’

07.02.13 4 years ago

HitFix has already crowned Mariah Carey and Miguel’s “Beautiful” among the songs of the summer for 2013; but the two together are trying to push its popularity up over the top with five new remixes, including a part-Spanish version “Hermosa.”

So if you weren’t convinced that single is “f*ckin’ beautiful,” then head to a nameless resort, go down to the pristine waters, and splash around a bit en español. Both singers know their way around Spanish singing (and she’s released previous Spanish versions of “Hero,” “Open Arms” and “My All”).

Although, it’s gotta be a sign that, circa 2:18, all I could think about was how perilous it is to walk over city grates in high heels.

As previously reported, a remix featuring A$AP Rocky and this duel-language version have been released in promoting “#Beautiful,” besides the original mix. The release of Carey’s next album “The Art of Letting Go” has been delayed indefinitely.

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