Watch: Nicki Minaj buys into the fairy tale in new video for ‘Moment 4 Life’

01.28.11 7 years ago

Once upon a time, there was a female rapper named Nicki Minaj. She appeared on everyone”s records before finally releasing her own album, “Pink Friday,” in November.

But success isn”t enough. A girl”s mind turns to romance no matter her chart position. In the video for her new single “Moment 4 Life,”  Nicki (oddly playing King Nicki, according to the opening of the fairy tale) gets a visit  from her fairy godmother, who looks a lot like Nicki, but with a British accent and blonde wing (and may we say she does a better accent than Madonna).

After they make a few jokes, including a funny one about sending Slim Shady to boarding school,  Nicki attends her own ball, in a variety of wigs and dresses…and lots and lots of chocolate.

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Her boyfriend/prince in the video is her rumored real-life beau, Drake. He appears for a fairly mundane rap. In fact, the video is much more interesting than the song, which is pretty boring.  We also have to say we”re a little disappointed that Nicki, who seems way too quirky and independent,  really wants her “Moment 4 Life” to be the whole bridal party/wedding thing. Maybe under the sherbert-colored wigs and crazy outfits, she”s just a traditional girl.

What do you think? Do she and Drake live happily ever after? 

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