Watch: OK Go’s trippy vid for ‘WTF?’

11.17.09 8 years ago

The video has only been available via iTunes for the past week or so, but we’re so glad OK Go’s “WTF?” is now available for mass, free consumption.

Color me easily amused, but the things folks can do with green screens and an Apple make my head wobbly.

The track itself is a bit of a trip, as frontman Damian Kulash sings entirely in falsetto, with a nasty rhythm section behind him. Not entirely sure what he’s singing, but I’m not convinced it matters terribly.

The video was filmed in one long take, a difficult measure that helped make the band’s infamous “He We Go Again” clip so successful. Kulash and bassist Tim Nordwind posted another hilarious video, appropriately titled “HTF?”, which helps explain how the video was made. In it, too, is the term “psycho-donkey,” Kulash explaining why they drafted a man to “yell ‘balls!’ as loud as he could” in his face and a “personal struggle with an Ikea chair.”

“WTF?”, which we take to be an abbreviation of “what the felt,” is the first track off of OK Go’s third full-length, “Of the Colour of the Sky,” due Jan. 12.


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